Why should i use Github?

Why should i use Github?

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As a student in the tech field you must have heard , and as well read a lot about Github, making commit, creating repositories and you are probably still not cleared on why it is so neccessary image source:


Git hub is an open source platform that provides hosting for software development and version control using Git. It allows you to easily collaboration and provides basic management tools for every project.

how do i get started with github?

  • Install git and create a Github account

  • create a repository

  • create a file and add it to your repo

  • Make a commit

  • connect your github repo to your computer

  • push your code to Github

Well you see, the steps are not as difficult as you immagined once you get started by first creating a github account.

Why you should use Github?

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  • Github makes it easy to contribute to open source projects.:

    The popularity of github is so much that nearly every open-source project uses github to manage their projects and if you want to contribute to any project all you have to do is just fork the project, make your changes and then send them a pull request using github web interface.
  • Github makes documentation easier:

    Using Github, you are provided with the necessary guide and help sections you will need partaining git, it provides every detail you need to know about generating SSH,a guide to the best git workflow and several others you don't need to look elsewhere for necessary information
  • Markdown:

    Markdown allows you to use simple text editor to write formatted documents
  • You can showcase your work on github in other to attract prospective recruiters. Most companies go through Github profiles when searching for new recruits.
  • Github allows you to track changes in your code across versions
  • Backup:

    It you ever loose your system or have a crashed site you can always count on github for your backups
  • Social coding:

    With Github you can always find new and interesting projects to learn from and this sets you up to date on the latest trends of coding.
  • Free treats :

    it offers a bunch of free stuffs like Git pages which you can use to host your simple websites and Gitgist which lets you convert one or several files into a working git repository


Github is an easy and accessible platform that helps you grow network and grow as a developer, so why don't you take a look for yourself?