My blogging Mojo

My blogging Mojo

In my previous blog post, I shared my thoughts on what I consider successful blogging. I stated that regardless of how many persons notice your blog and read your content, your audience should be your key priority. In this article, I will like to share with you what inspires me to write.

Why is started

Nobody is born a writer, although most persons have it as a gift others become writers by choice or by the situation.
Starting off with my programming journey, I always had difficulties understanding some topics rapidly by just watching videos, and coding along. This made me want to google every topic I thought was too complex to digest by just watching videos. I realised then that although there are numerous existing blog posts on most of the topics, I also could not relate to most of them. This made me wonder why it was so challenging to see blog posts that can be understood by a layman with little technical knowledge.

How I started

  • Asking questions:

    Whenever you search a topic on the internet, you will see that there are numerous blog posts already existing on that very topic, but then the question is, can you relate to the what the writers are saying?. Learning the act of Googling helps fix every missing piece in your puzzle. So if one article doesn't satisfy your need, read 10 more. If reading articles doesn't solve your problem watch youtube videos on that particular topic.


  • Teaching others:

    There is a say that sharing knowledge is the best way to acquire knowledge. Every attempt to pass on knowledge will produce a great deal more knowledge inside your own brain. Whenever I learn something new, I try to pass it on to the next person.

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  • Write it:

    I came to understand when you’re writing to explain, you’re explaining it to yourself! If you’re writing to inspire, you’re inspiring yourself! If you’re writing to record, you’re recording it on your own memory. So I figured for every time, I make an effort to write on a topic I subconsciously teach myself that particular topic and this makes the knowledge sink in. I become aware of that particular topic by heart.

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Why I keep writing

  • I had always wanted to read an article that explains its content in the most friendly and relatable way, so much that even a novice would understand what the writer means. I realised that

    if you want the real deal, it’s now up to you to go to work on your own gold mine, to refine the crude ore.

  • I believe that there is definitely someone who is having difficulties in understanding a certain topic just like I am and if I can learn by to writing, then they could refer to the blog posts when they need it.


Writing has made me understand that the best way to communicate what I know in such a way that my audience can relate to it, is to be my own audience.